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Pet Grooming Services

We use your choice of natural shampoos that are aromatic or hypoallergenic. Our pet shampoos by Earthbath are made with natural ingredients and essential oils. They never contain parabens, harsh soaps, artificial dyes or fragrances, phosphates, or toxins. We have chosen Earthbath  because it is an exceptionally mild and  totally natural shampoo so you don't ever have to worry about what might be left behind on your pet or our environment.

We specialize in stress minimizing techniques to help alleviate your pet’s grooming anxieties. If your pet has had a bad experience, or a history of being timid or aggressive during grooming, we can explain our techniques and create a plan to meet your pet’s needs.

Professional pet grooming is important.
A well-groomed pet is more comfortable and clean. Regular grooming not only makes your companion look and smell great, it can help your pet have a longer, healthier life.

A well-trained groomer can be an important link between you and your veterinarian. Groomers check often overlooked parts of your pet and may notice new lumps, ear infections, sensitive areas and other problems.

Nail trimming can cause pets and owners stress. We can do  nail trims quickly and safely to avoid stress and pain. We are pleased to offer free nail trimming all we ask is to make a phone call before hand to ensure we have enough hands to do so.

Pet Grooming Price List

All prices are based on breed type, approximate weight and condition of coat, length of time for styling, as well as age and behavior of pet during their appointment. Our groomers will work with you to customize a schedule for bathing and grooming, an essential part of the health and well being of your pet. 

~Full Style Grooming~         
              -Includes a bath, blow dry, undercoat removal, fur clipping & style, ear clean & pluck, nail trim and finishing spray.
X-Small Breeds              (>5 lbs)                                     $44.00-49.50
Small Breeds                    (5lbs – 20lbs)                       $49.50-55.00
Medium Breeds                (20lbs – 45lbs)                   $60.50-71.50
Large Breeds                    (45lbs – 75lbs)                   $71.50-93.50
X-Large Breeds               (75lbs – 150lbs)                $93.50-175.00 **

~Bath & Tidy~         
              -Includes a bath, blow dry, undercoat removal, basic fur tidy, ear clean & pluck, nail trim and finishing spray.
X-Small Breeds              (>5lbs)                                       $33
Small Breeds                    (5lbs – 20lbs)                        $38.50
Medium Breeds                (20lbs – 45lbs)                    $49.50**
Large Breeds                    (45lbs – 75lbs)                    $71.50**   
X-Large Breeds               (75lbs – 150lbs)                 $93.50**
**Depending on the severity of pet’s coat condition extra charges may apply for de-matting.

~Cat Grooming~
Lion Cut Shave                               $66 - $88
Coat Brush-out                               $55-$77
Hygiene Shave                                 $16.50
Bath & Blow Dry                           $27.50
Dry Bath                                             $11                              

~Dental Care Treatment~                                                                  -Includes teeth cleaning to remove plaque, tarter dissolving natural gel, and fresh breath foam to give your pet a mint fresh smile.
Canines                                               $11
Felines                                                  $13.20

~Ear Cleaning & Pluck~                
              -Includes a ear wash and ear hair removal if needed. Canines                                               $11
Felines                                                  $8.80  

~Nail Trims~               
-Nail trims are complimentary. We encourage clients to take advantage of this free service and have your pet’s nails trimmed on a regular basis as part of your pet’s grooming routine.
~Flea/Tick Treatment~           
              -Includes a flea shampoo bath and face wash, flea/tick removal and blow-dry.
Small Breeds            (5lbs – 20lbs)                                      $27.50
Medium Breeds        (20lbs – 45lbs)                                   $38.50
Large Breeds            (45lbs – 75lbs)                                   $49.50
X-Large Breeds       (75lbs – 150lbs)                        $60.50           

~Skunk Odour Removal Treatment~      
              -Includes a deodorizing bath and face wash, followed by ashampoo bath and a leave-in odour removing solution, a fresh breath mouth rinse and blow-dry.
Small Breeds                    (5lbs – 20lbs)                                      $27.50
Medium Breeds                (20lbs – 45lbs)                                   $38.50
Large Breeds                    (45lbs – 75lbs)                                   $49.50
X-Large Breeds               (75lbs – 150lbs)                                $60.50       

Conditioning &Moisturizing Creme Rinse                         $6.60 -$13.20
De-Matting (extra time)                                                                 $12-$48.50        
~The Mini Make Over~           
               -Includes a light face trim around the eyes, ears, muzzle, feet and hind area. Ideal between grooming sessions to keep your pet looking and feeling great.
Small - Medium Breeds                 (5lbs – 45lbs)                      $16.50                
Large-X-Large Breeds                  (45lbs – 150lbs)                 $22              
  *This service is complimentary for clients who have their pets regularly groomed at least every 3 months.

  ~Soft Paw Nail Caps Application~            
             -A humane solution for the destructive cat or dog.  Includes removing used nail caps, nail trim and applying new nail caps.
Cats & Dogs
-Front Paws Only                              $11**                                
-All Four Paws                                     $16.50**
**With the purchase of a package of Soft Paw Nail Caps, the first application is complimentary.  

Preferred Client Program

Have you ever wanted to have your pet groomed only to find there were no available openings when you need them? That need never happen again when you take advantage of our Preferred Client Program. This special program ensures that you will always have the appointment you need when you need it. The day and time are selected by you to conform to your busy schedule.

How Does it Work?

The Standing Appointment
A specific appointment is pre-scheduled for your pet at selected grooming intervals . You will receive a reminder call 3 days before your appointment to confirm it. At that time you may confirm, cancel or reschedule a more convenient time. You are given priority booking for holiday appointments.

Priority Holiday Scheduling for Program Members
Never again will you have to scramble around trying to schedule a hard-to-get holiday appointment. As a member of the Preferred Client Program your appointment will be pre-booked and waiting for you.

Save Time & Money
All pets require regular grooming, each with different needs. Our professional groomers will work with you to customize a schedule for bathing and grooming as an essential part of the health and well being of your pet. We encourage clients to take advantage of our program and as an added bonus you will SAVE MONEY!
Grooming appointments every 2-6 weeks    Save 10%
Grooming appointments every 6-12 weeks   Save 5%

Register Today
To start the program simply call the receptionist and say "I want to start the Preferred Client Program" or ask to join on your next visit. It's easy as that. This is just our way to say "Thank You" for trusting your pet with us.

We look forward to seeing you and your pet visiting us on a regular basis!

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